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WJ 8711A


Much has already been mentioned about this receiver, so I won't repeat it all again. There are plenty of details and reviews on the web.

These are great performing radios. Not the best build quality in the world but its performance never ceases to surprise me. These are very capable receivers with nice ergonomics. Not rare and of late at reasonable prices, depending on their condition and age. Some of the earlier HF1000 commercial versions were reputed to be poorer performers, but I have not had the privilege to compare these with my late model

This example is badged BAE Systems after the purchase of Watkins Johnson by BAE S

Synchronous AM demodulation is excellent. Again mentioned many times on the web

Its noise/impulse blanker is very efficient at removing most types of impulse noise but will remove general noise as well

Yes, it has some annoying issues. For example setting a narrow bandwidth in CW will mean you need to change the bandwidth if you switch to AM mode. However its channel store will save detection mode, bandwidth, AGC speed, BFO freq along with the tuned freq, but not the blanker level

If you're into channel scanning then this is one of the fastest HF receivers I've seen

Sensitivity is very good. You will hear a CW note down to -140dBm. (That's not the measured MDS in any particular B/W). Try this test on your radio

Note the green meter backlight. High brightness LEDs were fitted after the original filament bulb became open. This also eliminated heat within the meter light diffuser compartment


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