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R&S EK070


Much has already been said about this receiver and there is a reasonable volume of information on the web.

These are of now quite early design dating from the mid 1980's, but their performance and simple operation makes this model a favourite of mine. Yes, is has only 30 memory channels which it can scan at various dwell speeds. Frequency scanning is not possible, unless perhaps under external control.



The tuning is positive and smooth. The ergonomics are perhaps not as nice as other sets, but due to its simplicity, operation is very easy. And it has a REAL level meter, through not as accurate as other receivers, its a nice indicator. Meter error that is about +/-5dB

This example is equipped with 2.3KHz SSB filters and 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12KHz symmetrical filters for AM and CW modes

The front panel can be removed (unscrewed) and reconnected to the main received via a ribbon cable to allow remote operation. This can be helpful if your operating position is too small or your table not man enough to support this 25Kg receiver

One area where this model ready excels is in CW. It's smooth AGC and logarithmic response IF stages limit CW character edge clicks

Build quality is of an excellent standard. Screening of each module is high. However, servicing could be tiresome. To simply extract one module, the top and bottom of the set needs removing, necessitating removing from racking, extracting lots of screws in the top and bottom. Then finally the individual module can be removed. Luckily this does not happen often. These are very reliable receivers and one has never had any issues with my example




Technical Intoduction

Back Panel Connections

LED Version Front

LCD Version Front

Back Panel

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