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AEG E1800A

DASA AEG Telefunken E1800A DSP LF/MF/HF Receiver / Empfänger

These are one of the finest and well engineered range of receivers of recent times. The successor to the E1800/3, the E1800A model is a DSP version which is also equipped with many more facilities than most other receivers of that time. Even many current designs fall short of the performance figures of the E1800A. This was reflected in its very high original price. We think it was the most expensive general purpose HF receiver of its time.

The front panel is logically laid out and easy to use with all the usual facilities that one would expect to find. Many of the controls are placed conveniently to hand. For example the channel store/recall, numeric, tuning rate and enter (exe) keys are placed near the main tuning control. Less commonly used controls are placed further away. This make for fine ergonomics and a great looking panel

All modes of reception are possible; AM, SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, data. Bandwidth ranges from 100Hz to 10KHz in low phase error and high slope selectivity modes. Other controls include band pass tuning, fixed or tracking notch filter, BFO in 10Hz steps, 100 channel memory, channel/frequency scan, three tuning rates down to 1Hz step and dependent on the chosen demod mode and bandwidth, slow, fast and manual AGC and an automatic squelch (useful in FM mode)

Built in test equipment (BITE) monitors receiver operation and a comprehensive set of tests can be initiated from the front panel

A point to note is, the attention to detail during design and manufacture where one will notice that the front panel buttons fit perfectly within the front label. I think a good sign of careful design and construction. All the controls including the rotary encoders and AF level feel positive and of high reliability

The displays are clear and bright and their contrast can be adjusted to suit ambient light conditions

Audio quality is one of the finest I have heard from a DSP receiver. Particularly in AM mode. In fact, were it not for all the facilities available due to DSP, it would be very difficult to identify this as a DSP based radio by just listening to the audio


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